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Microbladed Brows


Our signature Semi-permanent makeup treatment for Microblading Eyebrows: Our "Angel Feather" technique is re-creating your brow stroke-by-stroke applying a feathered natural-looking hair stroke for 3D-like results: flawlessly symmetrical. The eyebrow shape is customized specifically to your facial structure. This will last for up to two years, depending on individual circumstances.

Microblading In Florida

Microblading Artist Ronnie Marinari

$400 SPECIAL *Ends Nov*

Microblading In NJ

Microblading Artist Ronnie Marinari



Microshading is also known as hybrid brows (a combination of microblading and shading). This style Will be also combines with our Angel Feather technique giving you a more fuller look of eyebrows. You will get microblading mimicking hair strokes and shading, mimicking the bold and fullness of your brows.

Microshading In Florida

Microblading Artist Ronnie Marinari

$500 SPECIAL *Ends Nov*

Microshading In NJ

Microblading Artist Ronnie Marinari



Micro blading, made precisely for the guys! The result: Natural-looking and full, but not too much - just enough for strong brows that look untouched. Microblading for men.

**Pricing is the same as our Angel Feather Brows**


Within 4-7 weeks **Clients Only**


Within 2-11 Months **Clients Only**


* We only offer our Touch-Up services to work done in our clinic.  New clients are not eligible for Touch-Up pricing.

Scalp Microblading


Hairline Rescue: If you're dealing with thinning hair or a receding hairline, scalp microblading is a great solution. This looks best on clients who have some existing hair.The microbladed strokes extend the existing hairline or add an illusion of natural depth to thinning hair. A great option for both women and men. This procedure ranges between $650-$900 depending on how large and much is needed to fill. We also take in account if shading is needed to create a more dense and fuller looking hair follicle.

Hairline OR Temples


Hairline And Temples


Full Hairline 


Please note all prices do not include Sales Tax (3.0% on services) and a Tip for the Specialist. Tips are customary for good service in FL/ NJ.

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