Are you new at microblading? Are you interested in Advancing your techniques or want to learn from another microblading manual book? Some Microblading Artists like to have many training methods available to help them further their microblading skill. Our professional training manual will help you understand some of the ways we do things here, at our microblading school and academy. Some will buy our training manual PDF to test it out to pre-decide if they would like to continue our microblade class. Our microblading training manual is not free. We do not offer microblading training online yet, but what we do offer with the purchase of our training manual, is support. If you choose to buy our test manual and decide you want to go through with taking our micro blading class, then we will be happy to credit you for what you paid for our training manual. 

Online Microblading Training


Before buying an online course, how about you test out our training guide which will allow you to make a decision whether microblading is for you.

Some benefits of buying our microblading training manual test guide (Also Available In Spanish)

Microblading Candidates

Who is and who is not a good candidate for microblading and why. We talk about what do in certain circumstances and how to address them.   

Brow Mapping Steps 

Our step by step instruction on how to brow map for microblading.

Our Common Blade Tools

We show you 3 of our favorite blades that we like to use on all of our clients and who they should by used on.

Microblading Stroke Methods

Our "Angel Feather Technique" is taught by the best microblading academy. Many pictures step by step. 

Consent Form

Many microblading classes don't supply these in their courses, but we do! This will help you pass part of your inspection by your local health department. 

Microblading Practice

After supplying you our basic fundamentals for microblading, now you can practice and test out some of our techniques  before signing up for our microblade class. 

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