Which Micro blading Eyebrows Is Perfect for you?

Microblading in Orlando is trending to be the most popular eyebrow service. Many dont realize the importance of experience behind the art of creating natural microblading eyebrows. If you are looking for eyebrow feathering, microblading brows, microshading eyebrows, ombre eyebrows, microblading for men, blonde microblading, brown microblading or semi permanent eyebrows, then you came to the right place for your everlasting brows. Many of these are terms, can best suit your needs. If you are unsure of a microblading technician's work, read their ratings and reviews. Remember that the cheapest cost of microblading isn't always the way you should go. Microblading prices vary from $400-$900 plus depending on the artist and location. You can not put a price on Micro blading eyebrows cost if eyebrows are important to you. For more info on our microblading class reviews, you can find our google map reviews here. 


Microshading eyebrows is often referred to as the 'Shadowing Effect', this gives the eyebrow a shaded appearance with small pin-point dots,”.  Microblading leaves crisp tiny, natural-looking hair-strokes, whereas microshading leaves small, semi-permanent pinpointed dots.

It sounds weird right? But the picture above is the look of how the end results of microshading eyebrows look when it is done by a brow expert. This is like signature teeny dots found in iconic art — and at first, the result looks like what you'd get if you took a sharpie and drew on your brows with harsh lines (so many usually are nervous at first.) But in a week or so, the block of color fades, giving a nice shaded softer look, fuller-looking arch. 

Microblading VS Microshading

So, many ask themselves why you should go with microshading over microblading? Ronnie says "There are pros and cons to both. Microshading is better for sensitive or oily skin. I always recommend microshading for clients with oily skin because the micro-shading technique takes better to their skin type,” Even though the cost is a little more than microblading your eyebrows, for many it is "the style".  Back when Ronnie did his permanent makeup training in NJ, he specialized in powder brows with a tattoo machine. He then learned microshading in nyc. Ronnie says, "since micro shading took over, many more people are saying goodbye to permanent makeup and hello to loving their microshading. Just like microblading, microshading will last anywhere from a year to 2 years. 

Interested In A Microblading Career?

Microblade Class

Our microblading classes go into depth not just about microblading and microshading eyebrows, but also how to start your own microblading business step by step. How much do microblading classes cost? Our microblading classes cost from $1700-$2800. Our 2 Day Group classes are $1700 and Private microblading course starts at $2200. Microblading Vs Tattoo is very different and we teach you how to become successful in the biggest beauty industry in the world.

Microblading Eyebrows Near Me

We would Love to do your microblading eyebrows!! Please reach out to us so that we can help you decide what your perfect ever true eyebrow result may be.

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