How To BeCome A Licensed       Microblading Artist

You have seen all the beautiful eyebrows on your friends and family also all over the internet and you are wondering about how you can become a microblading artist, right?

You may also be asking yourself, "do i need to be licensed?"

The answer is “Yes,”. Licensing is actually one of the final steps to becoming a microblading artist.

Before you get to licensing there are three important steps to complete first.

Im sure you already know, but microblading is a very rewarding profession, with a low supply cost and an extreamely high earning potential. We can't forget about the most important -  Helping others. How do i get started? Here are the essential steps:

  1. Learning about microblading as a profession.

    Like any other career, this is a commitment that requires passion and some investment to your time, money and passionate effort.

  2. Get your training.

    Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow treatment. Many people are scared or nervous, you can not make any mistakes. It is immensely important how to do learn the art correctly.

  3. Get yourself certified.

    This will show your potential clients as well as the licensing boards that you have learned all the basic aspects of micro blading, including safety and hygiene.

  4. Obtaining your license by the state.

    This is the final step, each state, and local health departments have different requirements.

Let’s break down these four steps.

Learn About Microblading

This is a major step in your career and it should be considered. You should know everything about your profession and become familiar conversating a naturally pre spoken example explaining what microblading is all about. This should be your passion and commitment. 

Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow treatment referred to makeup. This is applied using a handheld pen technique that is similar to tattooing, but the color pigment is applied in small amounts under the first layer of the skin. Using the classic method developed by The Microblading Guy founder Ronnie Marinari, microblading artists can implement crisp strokes that create the appearance of dope ass natural brows. Since pigments aren’t applied as deep as Machine tattoos, the end results are long lasting, but far from permanent. One of the biggest conveniences  that our clients enjoy is the no day to day stress over their brow upkeep. On average microblading lasts about a year or longer, depending on your maintenance. 

Nicely shaped brows can can positively, change the way someone looks. With microblading you can cut out the risk of over plucking, waxing, and less time spent on your makeup in the morning. Many of today’s top celebrities are able to achieve their natural brow look through semi permanent microblading.

Because of the many benefits that Microblading has, artists can charge high earning prices for their service, easily making a six-figure income while being in control of their own schedule.The average profit of a microblading service can score anywhere between $400 to $900, with even higher prices in a more metropolitan area. This income potential, can make your business very successful. 

This service is not also perfect for the consumer, but this is a great add on service for those already in the beauty industry. If you are not already servicing Microblading, you probably want to be smart and offer it before your competition does. You don’t want your loyal customers looking elsewhere.

If you aren’t in the industry and want a passionate change in your life, this should be your answer. If you receive the right training, you can be making a rewarding career within the first few months of starting! The most important thing when getting started is building your portfolio. Once you do that, your marketing is word of mouth. Can you be successful at it? Of course, you can- it is NOT hard. Many don’t want to put in the work, they think it will just come to them and that is the wrong way of thinking. You should not only do microblading for the money. 

Microblading has grown to be the fastest-growing treatment in the world. It has grown to be past the level of “just a trend.” Even though styles change, they circle just like everything else. Will microblading die? Absolutely not, it is here to stay forever and believe it has not even came close to hitting its prime yet. More and more artists to becoming certified each day.

Get Trained

 Once you decide that microblading eyebrow is the perfect choice for you, your next step is to get trained. Unfortunately, as sad as it sounds not all microblading courses are of high quality, so it is very important for you to do your research. Be sure to ask about the following:

  • Is the training academy established and well recognized? 
    How are their reviews testimonials? How does your trainer carry themselves? Are they able to answer your emails and give you the answers to all your questions? Have you got them on the phone to speak to your instructor? How many students have they trained? What is included in the training? 
    What are you actually learning? Are they teaching you before and aftercare instructions? Are they giving you microblading consent forms? Is the instructor certified? Are you getting to practice on latex and on a real live model? Besides the actual microblading technique, each of these things are mportant. It’s so important to get yourself a training that is in very deep depth in learning all aspects of the skill and business of microblading.

  • How are paying for the training? 
    Like any type of valuable higher education, there is a cost associated with learning to microblade. However, in today’s world, where education means empowerment, no one should be prevented from improving their earning power just because of the cost of education. Reputable organizations can offer payment plans. They understand that microblading training is a business investment. 

  • Does the organization offer support? 
    Make sure your academy is offering support even after you’ve attended the class. A reputable microblading academy does not just take your money and run. Some microblading schools are not qualified to hand you a certification for microblading.

To learn more about dates contact us below.

Get Certified

This is a very important step and is sometimes confused with licensing. You may be wondering how they are different and why you need both?

  • Certification is what you will recieve when you have mastered the concepts of microblading. Certification shows your clientele that you have the knowledge to perform the service correctly. 

  • Licensing is obtained from your state and local health department and shows your clients that you meet requirements, rules and regulations of microblading and that you are legally able to perform microblading. When your training has finished, if your instructor is satisfied with your progress, you will be awarded certification. This means that you have met a the standards. 

Microblading licensing regulations by state

Get Licensed by Your State

 Licensing requirements vary by location and may change from time to time. It is your responsibility to do the research and make sure you are up to date with the laws governing your area. These laws are forced to make sure unlicensed microbladers arent practicing without safe instructions.  Licensing requirements mean that you are doing things safely when your competition is not. Your clients will be less worried. You will not have to worry about the liability of being shut down. Getting your license not only means you are being able to give beautiful brows, but you are also setting up and developing your business for success. Do you have more questions? Contact us so we can help you get started! 

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