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Microblading Las Vegas

      WE WOULD LOVE TO TEACH YOU                         THE REAL SKILLS FOR

    perfect eyebrow WITH      EYEBROWMICROBLADING


 We have something for everyone —        Basic classes for the newbies and         advanced training for the working                            professional.


Practice on one of a kind Latex skin       using professional tools under   close supervision some of the best     Microblading artists in the world.


 Microblading techniques are in- demand. Add this service to your salon or tattoo  studio and join one

           of the fastest-growing

                  trends in beauty.

Best Microblading Course 


Affordable education from industry-leading Instructors (Half the cost). 

    A small deposit guarantees to secure your seat at one of America’s     greatest microblading academies.


Clients travel from all over the world  for eyebrows from Microblading Team.     Learn our secret simple techniques                 from the master Instructor

                      Ronnie Marinari

              Sign up NOW! 

       Join our course today.

        *Classes AVAILABLE*



microblading Classes Las Vegas

Stop procrastinating and take ACTION. We want YOU to succeed and to become a success.                                                 Follow our Instagram and say hi to us!

           As a microblading trainer with many              years of experience, we work hard to create our worldwide training course workshop, to be         the best and most simplest fundamental                      learning class there is to offer.

microblading eyebrows in las vegas


Learn The Microblading Guy's secret technique in this 2-day course. We'll teach you the simple fundamentals of semi permanent makeup and the same techniques many of our artists use every day.

There is no other job you can work by only working 6 hours per week to potentially make over 60k a year!

Want to start your 6 figure income? Get started with a small $2200 investment

Average Charge


For eyebrow Microblading

2 Clients Per Week


Yearly Revenue 

4 Clients Per Week


Yearly Revenue 

6 Clients Per Week


Yearly Revenue 


Want to become a Highly Paid Microblading Artist Even if you are NEW to the Beauty Industry?


Learn from a Certified Microblading Training Academy. Our expertise is helping beginners learn Microblading. Perfect for Part Time or Full-Time income.


Our microblading Training course offers The Best hands-on, 1 on 1 in-person two day Training.... You will receive a certification and LIFETIME support. There is more than enough clients for everyone! I found that Personal Attention won't get you lost and is the most PERFECT way to learn.


Stop Looking At Undereducated Trainers And Get QUALITY Training you deserve. Ronnie Has Over 5 YEARS of Microblading Experience. Most "trainers" are charging $3500-5000 a class. 

Microblading vs Microshading

Our microblading course also includes microshading. We do not charge extra for that. Even though it is a whole new skill, we want YOU to have all the techniques for success.

las vegas microblading training

We are happy you are inquiring about The Best Microblading Training with Ronnie Our Microblading Team provides a great learning experience for our students. Floridas leading Eyebrow specialist and trainer wants to teach you. Let us grow together! If you are looking for a great personable Microblading school in Orlando with Extensive experience, then you found the right microblading Course in FL. Micro blading is such an amazing industry to get into. Great way to triple your income. Learn Ronnies natural stroking methods. Offering a two or three day class of book work and a model. Classes taught by Master Ronnie Marinari. The Beauty Mark By Ronnie will give you the skills you need to perfect your new craft. Your new Microblading business will reflect what you learn and who you learn from! Heres a little info on our training.....


                                                                Cost of training: 2 Day Microblading Class 



                                                                                              3 Day Class



Differences between classes: The  2 day course will be 1 model for you to work on.  3rd day course will spend another day practicing and guiding you through your second model which will help give you more confidence. We will work on mistakes (if any) you made during you first model and perfect what can be made better to help guide and benefit you to now improve and start your new career on your own.


What Do We Cover In Our Course?

Ronnies natural strokes, before and after set up and healing aspects, common questions / issues etc.. Client contradictions. The basics of eyebrow reconstruction, mapping, eyebrow shape and shading. You will practice strokes on paper, flat artificial skin as well as raised eye skins AND your model!!! Manual shading is FREE and included in your training. Your welcome e-mail will get you started with your registration form and help answer any more questions you may have to get you started and prepared for class.


                                    Learn Microblading because it is the highest dollar beauty service.


                                            The average market Microblading appointment costs between $400-$800.


                                            By doing, 1-2 clients day that is potentially over $10,000/month Plus Tip...


                                                                              Imagine how your life would change....

microblading License Las Vegas



FREE Professional Training Kit included...                        (valued at $400)

1 hand held microblading tool

  • 15 disposable Microblading needles (3 different blade techniques)
    (15 blades valued at $450 each (Microblading service)= $6,750)

  • Top microblading pigments

  • 5 flat and one raised eyes artificial skin for practice

  • Beauty Mark Brow Ruler 

  • The Beauty Mark By Ronnie Training Manual

  • Live Model 

  • Professional kit carrier

  • microblading certification

  • Business marketing tips

  • FREE on going support and assistance and MUCH more!

Microblading Boot Camp

Are you struggling and don't feel confident after your first microblading class you took elsewhere? Then you also came to the right training camp, as we provide advanced training to fit the needs of your current struggles and issues to help you start becoming the successful microblading artist you have been dreaming to be.

Eyebrow Microblading Training

         How do I sign up?


For Class dates, call 908-268-2860. Email or call for available dates as we book up very fast so book in advanced! Once date is chosen, we will send you an invoice along with registration to secure your date for signing up. We offer financing too!





Are You Ready To Learn?

Lets now get you your microblading certification! 

                                                                              Microblading Training Near Me

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